We’re the smart choice for quality schoolwear. All our garments are made from tough, hard-wearing fabrics for maximum durability. We firmly believe the better the cotton the better the garment, so we insist on only using the best raw cotton. Our sweats are made with 100% cotton face for unbeatable pilling performance and improved durability. Plus, our easy-care 65/35 Polos can be washed at 60ºC, dry quickly and are easy to iron. We know our schoolwear can handle even the most active kids because we test it. We test it for colour fastness, pilling, shrinkage, tensile strength and much more. We even do real life wearer trials in schools. So even when they are worn every day and washed repeatedly, they still hold their shape and colour brilliantly. Genius.


We know kids’ sweatshirts are worn and washed regularly, so we work hard to constantly improve the performance of ours. We use a revolutionary knitting technique that keeps the polyester at the back of the sweat fabric and the cotton at the front. This technique creates unbeatable pilling performance and a sweat that lasts longer and can handle even the most demanding school environments. High quality polyester yarn means our sweats are less likely to shrink, while the addition of Lycra ® to the hems, necks and cuffs allows for repeated washing without losing shape. Think sweatshirts, think Fruit of the Loom.


When it comes to Fruit of the Loom schoolwear, it’s always safety first. All our kids’ garments conform to the very latest EU legislation. All drawcords and toggles have been removed to ensure there are no choking hazards. We also carry out a range of tests on our garments including button strength and yarn tensile strength. Plus, Oeko-Tex 100 approval ensures that no harmful substances are used in the manufacture of any of our garments. All this means great clothing for kids, great peace of mind for their parents.


As one of the world’s leading garment manufacturers, we have very high standards. This applies to the garments we produce and the way we produce them. We take our responsibilities towards the environment and the community very seriously. We are also committed to The Fruit Code, a code of conduct that outlines our pledge, along with our suppliers, distributors and business partners, to minimise the impact we have on the environment and to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work. The Fruit Code is more than a policy, it’s a way of life.


As further proof of our commitment to having the highest ethical standards, all Fruit of the Loom facilities and those of our suppliers are now WRAP approved. WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is the world's largest facility certification programme and whilst it is supported by the global apparel industry, it is totally independent. WRAP is dedicated to ensuring lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world. In order to receive certification for all our facilities and those of our suppliers we are regularly audited and must comply with the 12 WRAP principles. These relate to areas such as workplace regulations, child labour, hours of work, health and safety, discrimination and security. Our certification shows that once again you can trust Fruit of the Loom to operate within the highest ethical and environmental standards.


You care about how your clothing is produced and we’re exactly the same. Every single one of our garments must pass the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This certifies that the clothing is guaranteed to contain no substances harmful to people or the environment. Oeko-Tex 100 is the internationally renowned testing and certification system for textiles. When you see this logo you know you’re choosing garments you can trust, from a brand you can trust.